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Moving off of filemaker

April 18, 2006

District 287 has several very productive custom databases written in Filemaker. They have been good, but the expense and challenge of supporting Filemaker on all desktops accross the district is catching up with us.

We are starting to look at ways to provide these applications through alternative platforms. Microsoft Office is one possibility for some needs because it is installed ans supported district wide. The weakness of Office is in providing enterprise-level database functionaility. Microsft Access, the standard Office database, does not support high-volume sharing of data to many people. And Access is not even available for the Macintosh which is about half of our desktops.

Excel and Access probably has some role to play in an alternative to Filemaker, but we are also looking for other possible solutions.


Filemaker projects to move

April 18, 2006

The list of Filemaker projects that need to move to some other platform include:

  • Student incentive pay check writing and reporting
  • Individual health plans
  • Student ID cards
  • End of year data sheets
  • Math assessment checklist
  • Student resume builder
  • Alternative assessments