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DVD to powerpoint

April 5, 2006

Today I completed a project to rip a home movie from a DVD and incorporate it into a PowerPoint presentation. It was an interesting process to get the right collection of software that allows you to copy the DVD into an editable format — it seems many mainstream movie products block this feature out of concern of illegally copying Hollyword movies. But this DVD was a home-made disk of home movies — perfectly legal to copy. Still, I had to jump through a few hoops to get it done. Finally got it into quicktime format, edited it, and got it into powerpoint.

The tools I ended up using included Mac the Ripper and ffmpegX

The whole process reminded me how nit-picky movie editing can get, you can spend days and days on it if you want it to be just perfect. At some point you have to say it is "good enough" and just be done with it.

The teacher seems very happy with the results — he'll use it in a parent conference in a few weeks and thinks the parents will be very impressed.