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Web Filter Requests — A Story

April 28, 2006

We need some way to quickly process requests to have our web filter adjusted.  These can be requests to block or unblock sites.  Often the requester needs a response quickly — ideally within a day.  But blocking and unblocking can have unintented consequences, affecting other people who were depending on the site whose status is changing.  Because of these potential unintended consequences we have set up a committee to review these requests, and given them one week to make a decision on each request.  However, one week is far too slow from most requesters point of view.  What is needed is a faster way for committee members to review requests and vote up or down.

Here is how it could work.  The goal is to get a resolution, either approve or deny, within one work day of the request.

  1. the request is mailed to the filter committee mail list 
  2. committee members have one work day to review the request and vote either up or down.
  3. any committee member who does not resond within 24 hours forfeits their vote.
  4. committee members who do vote have must work out their differences and arrive at some consensus via email discussion about what course of action to take.
  5. committe decision is communicated to filter administrator within one work day of original request.