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Equipment Sharing Tool

July 21, 2006

A web site will be developed that allows programs to keep track of items that they would like to share with or give away to other programs.  Many programs have items that are acquired for a particular need, but then the need passes.  For example a special desk is bought for an individual student but when the student graduates the desk is no longer needed.  Also, many programs have specialized curriculum or materials that they may use infrequently and are willing to loan to others as long as they can be sure the material will be returned to them.  Currently, this sharing and re-use of items happens informally by word of mouth, resulting in many items being underused and programs buying duplicate items.

What is needed is a simple way to list the items that a program is willing to share or give away to other programs, and a simple way to keep track of who currently possesses a shared resource.

A web site will be developed that will enable programs to list all items they are willing to share or give away.  Complete descriptions as well as photos of the item can be provided.  The information will be stored on a central database to make it easy to manage. Programs in need of an item can check the re-use database first to find out if it is available within the district.  If a match is found, the programs can agree to share the item with a specific return date, or agree to permanently transfer the item to the other program.

The goal is more efficient use of specialized resources by encouraging the sharing and re-use of items between programs.