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Mileage Reporting Tool

July 21, 2006

A web site will be developed that allows individuals to manage information about mileage driven for District work.  Each individual will use the web site to submit the worksites they visit each day.  The product will then generate a report of the total mileage driven as well as the appropriate budget codes for each trip.  Directions to sites will be available if needed.  Mileage between sites and budget codes will be stored in a central database to make it easier to update and re-use the information.  The report can be used by the program secretary to more quickly and accurately submit mileage reimbursement requests.  Staff will benefit by having their mileage more easily and accurately reimbursed.  The district will benefit by having a more timely and accurate measure of the actual mileage being driven by staff.  Such information may contribute to better program planning.  The goal is more accurate and timely information with less time filling out forms.