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Sharing tasks via RSS

June 15, 2006

I would like some way to easily publish my current tasks via RSS, so I can share them with others.  Maybe maintaining a parallel task list in TaDa is one way to do it.


Tracking Projects with TrackIT

June 15, 2006

Each project will consist of one main task that defines the project, then multiple sub-tasks for each part of the project.  The main task will be have "Project" as the first word in the title.

There are some reports that will be needed

1) The number of hours worked by a person in one day – to help worker organize their daily activity.

2) The number of hours worked by a person in one week – to fill in time cards.

3) The number of hours applied to one project in any period of time – to manage project.

4) The total number of hours ever applied to one project – to manage project. 

Project Management Problem

June 15, 2006


It is currently very difficult to get a clear report on the number of hours spent on projects within the district. Also, it is difficult to manage the assignment of tasks to individuals and report when the tasks are completed. This is especially true in the realm of computer support where our tasks are so varied and work is done simultaneously for many people across the district.


Our new inventory and helpdesk software, TrackIT, has the potential of resolving these project management needs. It has the ability to define projects, define tasks, assign tasks to individuals, and track the hours spend on each task. What is missing is clear instructions on how to combine all of those pieces into the management of a complete project. Also, there are some reporting needs that are not currently provided.

This project will document how to use TrackIT for project management and will build the reports needed to do effective project management with TrackIT. The goal is an easy way to get full accounting for time spent on individual projects.