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Mac Integration – A Story

July 28, 2006

A person should walk up to a macintosh, enter their AD username and password, and be logged into a standard desktop with the following exceptions:

1) The Documents folder for the user will map to a user folder on the file server.


Macintosh Integration

June 15, 2006

Goal: full integration of Macintosh computers into our information technology infrastructure.

Specific issues to address:

1) Automatic update of software

· Most of our Macintosh computers haven’t had critical updates installed for almost one year.

2) Remote control of computer

· More that half of helpdesk requests could be resolved quickly if a technician could control the local computer from a distance.

3) Lack of easy access to file server

· Files are at great risk of being lost, and are difficult to share with others, when they are stored on the local computer rather than on our district file server.

4) Lack of central authentication.

· Using central authentication will greatly simplify the ability of people to log into various computers and retrieve their work.

5) Lack of web browser support for key functions

· Inability to spell-check email and inability to share and manage bookmarks are key gaps that exist.