Installing Drupal on Dreamhost

  1. set up a new mysql database on dreamhost
  2. download latest version of Drupal from
  3. ftp the tar.gz file to the folder where you want Drupal to run
  4. run “tar -xzf myfile.tar.gz” on the drupal file, where “myfile” is the name of the drupal file
  5. edit the following things in /sites/default/settings.php:
    $db_url, $base_url
  6. create a folder within the Drupal main folder on the server called /files/ and chmod it to 777.
  7. do a
    crontab -e

    and add an entry like

    05 02 * * * /usr/bin/wget -O - -q
  8. go to and follow the prompts

Your site is ready!

Now, some common things to set up right away:

  • Clean URLs
  • Site Information
  • Turn on the Path module
  • create a new home page and set it as the default page in Site Configuration
  • create a login page and put the login block there instead of the front page.
  • upload custom logo and turn off custom icon in the theme

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