Tracking Projects with TrackIT

Each project will consist of one main task that defines the project, then multiple sub-tasks for each part of the project.  The main task will be have "Project" as the first word in the title.

There are some reports that will be needed

1) The number of hours worked by a person in one day – to help worker organize their daily activity.

2) The number of hours worked by a person in one week – to fill in time cards.

3) The number of hours applied to one project in any period of time – to manage project.

4) The total number of hours ever applied to one project – to manage project. 


One Response to “Tracking Projects with TrackIT”

  1. cwgriesel Says:

    I’m starting to have second thoughts about using TrackIT for project management.
    For a few reasons.
    1) TrackIT was installed for a very narrow purpose, including tracking how long it takes technicians to respond to helpdesk requests. Mixing long-term project data in with short-term helpdesk needs may be a bad idea. The mixed data will just have to be sorted out later at great effort. And if it is not sorted out correctly, project data could tarnish helpdesk data.
    2) Uncertainty about the life cycle of TrackIT. We are trying TrackIT now but whether or not we use TrackIT in the future is out of my control. If I am going to develop and use a project management system I’d like it to be something I can keep using without additional work even if TrackIT goes away next month.

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