Problems with OSX server in AD environment

I can easily set up an OSX server to handle file services for my Mac machines. But here are the problems I see with doing that in our current Active Directoroy environment.

  1. Seperate logins – no directory integration
  2. OSX file system is not backed up and not on SAN

That being said, there are some challenges that need to be addressed if I am not going to use the OSX server

  1. Automatically syncronize local hard disk with server
    1. bind mac to AD
    2. do the following at login
    3. mount shared volumes
    4. at logoff, sync desktop changes with server and delete desktop files
  2. Syncronize laptops with server
    1. similar to desktops, but first time machine is used, ask if it is a laptop.  If it is, copy entire contents of desktop folder to laptop

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