Fair Use

A teacher asked me today: "The parents on our graduation planning committee are wondering if there's a (legal) way to record each grad's favorite song, then compile them all on a blank CD that would be given to each grad at the ceremony this spring."

My reply: It is definitely is NOT legal to do that. You could go to a place like iTunes and buy the collection of songs you want for 99c per song, but that would only be good for one copy. If you want to give a copy of the collection to each student, someone would have to pay for the songs for each student. So, for example, if you had 20 students and each student wanted to choose one song for the CD, you would have to come up with $20 per student or $400 total to pay for the music. If someone is willing to donate that kind of money to pay for a graduation gift with a value of $20 per student, that would be fine. But there is not way to legally do it for free.

Go to http://www.copycense.com/2006/03/demystifying_fa.html for more details about the legality of distributing copyrighted music.


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