Ways to automount shares on Mac login

There are several ways to automatically mount a shared volume when a person logs into a Macintosh.  The possible solutions are:

1) Place an alias to the shared volume on the desktop.

2) Put the volumes in the "login items" list in your account settings.

3) Write an applescript that executes upon login

4) Write a unix terminal script that executes upon login

5) Use Macintosh Automator to build a script that executes upon login

Considerations on which solution is best include:

– To make it easy to use, can it be set up so the user only types their password once?

– To reduce clutter on the desktop, can we prevent the shared volume's window from opening automatically?

– What is the best protocol to use: afp or smb protocol? will the server support long file names, is file creation date preserved?

I'll post more info as we evaluate these various ways to achieve our goal of automatically mounting file shares on the macintosh.


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